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Conference for TEDx IÉSEG

PARIS – 08/02/2024

Conference theme : A decade to become.

Lecture topic : Managing emotions is the future.

Conference | Workshop

RENNES – 16/12/2022

Conference theme : Agility is business

Lecture topic: What if your emotions were your greatest skill ?

Conference | Workshop

ESTP – PARIS – 15/04/22

Lecture topic: entrepreneurship in three areas: construction, management and the environment.

Stress management in emergency situations.

Interactive lecture for TCS (TATA Industry)


Lecture topic: “How does a relaxed brain help improve efficiency?”

Conference organized by CII Confederation of Indian Industry IWN

INDIA – Kérala

Lecture topic: “Discovering the Power Within”

International Women’s Day, event organized by Gélita Hoarau, senator

Conference theme: International Women’s Day
Lecture theme: Solidarity and capacities of women within family and society

Colloquium organized by the ARADP

Lecture theme: “How does one provide psychological guidance to a dying or gravely ill person and his or her family?”
Lecture theme: “East and West – Conceptions of death and the afterlife, sharing experiences” 

Invitez Lucile Paul Chevance

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