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Humanitarian projects i support

I was lucky to be born in a country where access to health care and school are free.

I grew up in a middle-class family. We were neither rich nor poor, but I have never materially missed anything. 

My start in life wasn’t very easy and prosperous. I lived for many years in a tiny maid’s room, without running hot water, or a shower and the toilets were in the stair landing. 

I supported myself by working here and there. I never complained about that because I was really assuming my choices and I was aware that a lot of people were not as lucky as I was.

My empathetic nature naturally led me to be interested in others. I remember telling to myself that the day I‘ll win the lottery, I would definitely donate to humanitarian causes.

One evening, I was comming back to Clamart in a train, and on the seat in front of me was a magazine. The cover page was a picture of a black child with a bright smile and a stack of books piled up on his head. Under the picture was written « give to a child, children concerns ». It was about sponsoring the education of children in India or Madagascar.

I had the feeling that life was sending me a sign, and it felt almost unreasonable not to respond.

The following day, I sent the pre-authorized debit form that allowed the organization to take monthly an amount of money that could sound really significant for me at the time. Not only did  I never lack this money, but it opened up opportunities for me : the giving and sharing opportunities.

Being able to share made me feel rich and helped me become richer in many areas.

Please find here under three charity organisations very special to my heart.

EPIC Foundation The Epic movement gathers all those who share the same vision and the same values. Together, we can make giving the norm to financially support social change and reduce social inequalities at a global scale. Join us!

Visit their website :

The Yellow Line of Help and Solidarity is a humanitarian partnership of KEPAKY-AEL-Costas Vichas that started in March 2020 with the aim of addressing the social consequences created by the Covid-19 health crisis.

So far, the Yellow Line has delivered 15,000 packages to our fellow citizens in the provinces of Limassol, Nicosia and Paphos, helping to meet their basic needs. 

Visit their website :

Pour le sourire d’un enfant: acts against the extrem poverty of Cambodian children through six main programs adapted to children: food, health care, protection, education, job training, and helping families. In twenty years, over 10 000 childrent have been brought back to a safe path of life.
Visit their website :

Village pilot’s missions is to help children get out of the dangerous streetlife of Senegal.
Visit their website: