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Dear Lucile,
You are entirely unique.
You understand the difference between a person as they seem, as they truly are or as they would like to be.
And you have the gift to lighten up these persons and to create a bridge between them.
All of that while staying human, subtle and full of humor. You are a gift for those who know you and work with you. Thank you !

Nicolas Berggruen
Philanthrope & Investisseur. Los Angeles USA

Lucile, it was such a pleasure meeting you!! I didn’t realize
you could help me to sort out my “life”

Yelberton R Watkins
Congressional Staff Directory, Gouvernement Obama. Washington DC, USA

When I met Lucile for the first time, I have been impressed by her radiant and brilliant energy. Lucile seems to be traveling across different worlds; using all its keys to open the door you have always been looking for. Lucile has the power to overcome any kind of barrier that prevents you from going on your personal journey. I feel lucky that we have started working together

Gisèle Szczyglak
Philosopher & Executive Coach

I’ve been running businesses and complex projects all my life. I even took on the role of strategic advisor to help entrepreneurs and senior executives drive corporate performance to higher levels. Then I crossed paths with Lucile. Lucile raises my game. Her ability to zero in on blind spots, to unlock hidden resistances, to help channel energy and to anchor focus and resolve, to help assemble a dream team and transform a vision into an ambitious, meaningful and successful venture is, to my knowledge, unmatched. I highly recommend Lucile to any leader with a vision and the drive “to make a dent in the universe”.

Dominique Bel
Media producer and transformation strategist, Canada

Thank you for your kindness and frienship. It shows that Life is worth living through what is best: sincerity, being open to listen, to hear and understand others....

Pierre Vergès
Politician. France

The experiment at Lucile is extraordinary, whereas I had lost any confidence in me, incompetent to work, reflect, exhausted… A our first meeting, it told me : “you still have energy..You arrived at the end of a strategy but not of your forces”.
In three weeks, Lucile enabled me to find my capacities to pass a job interview where I was selected for my competences and my motivation among 25 candidates.
After 4 months ….. I knew to rebound in my new job with successes, while founding what I had desire and need to live and especially while respecting which I am. I will never say myself rather thank you, for your benevolence and that of which you made me become aware.

Nathalie Rivalain
L’Oreal. France

I never really intended to start a coaching adventure – not particularly impressed by the people I had met in that field. Then I met Lucile! For me, it is not easy to define the work done by Lucile : it is totally personal, in depth – reconnecting you that way to your true self. Work in progress for me…but a fundamental milestone in my life so far.

Anne-Sophie Cambay
Marketing et Business Development Consultant. France.

Working with Lucile leads us to self-awareness and self-fulfillment. With joy, lightness, humor and sensibility, Lucile proposes an in-depth approach to the essence of the human being: courage, capacity, responsibility. Limits are shed, and freedom takes over.

Yolaine Médélice
Communication director, ESAG Penninghen. France

Working with Lucile means going deep to the treasure that is in each of us. It is also learning to see what is true around you with benevolence and gratitude without judgments ... in the same way that Lucile knows how to listen to us when we are with her.

Virginie Bailly
Femmes Solidaires, France

Going to see Lucile for a professional consultation is a surefire way to make serious progress. She gets you in shape in a safe, pleasant environment. She puts your energies back into balance. And she asks just the right questions to get straight to the blocked areas that are keeping you from reaching your goals or moving forward. And then she goes to the plan of action – returning to a path that you’d abandoned, forgotten, or never thought to explore more. With Lucile you’re a co-creator, which means that you’re no longer impeding the process with rigid mental barricades, and you’re activating even more pertinent resources that Lucile’s defined for you. At the end of the session, you prepare the next steps to make the objective a reality. 

Christine Carstensen
Coach, therapist, France

Lucile is quite an original coach for she is a very determined and serious lady, as well as a great human being, full of empathy and sensitivity. She can get an excellent perception of your inner feelings and unconcious thoughts, which is quite amazing when you first meet her !
Being a therapist myself, I am always happy to work with Lucile who’s always helped me get good new insights, which has allowed me to go forward in my professional evolution as well as in my private life, for this is all intimately connected of course.
She has a great sense of humor too, which I appreciate enormously ! It is so important when one goes thru a crisis or a very painful event. She is also a very generous soul.
Lucile is a precious person who helps me find the right ways to get where I always wished to, but haven’t succeeded yet, until I start working it out seriously with her. Of course I love to feel and experiment that it is always possible to keep going forward ! And here she is the lady who will always show you that there is a way to make it whatsoever, when you had lost hope and almost give up “because it’s been going on like this for such a long time, if not for ever…”
For all those good reasons I love my sessions with Lucile and always feel I’m gaining more confidence and trust in myself as well as in the potential of my situation after each of our sessions. Cheers ! Fanny

Francine Laska
Psychanalyst. Paris

“I started working with Lucile 1 year and a half ago. Lucile has helped me gain self-confidence and getting rid of an inferiority complex which made me always felt not as performant as the others. Working through relaxation, breathing, affirmations and zero point, she has made me change my thoughts and behaviours, especially when facing stressful situations. I can say that, thanks to her, I now live better as I am more in capacity to control stress and emotions. And people around me feel the difference: my husband, my boss and some of my collaborators have noticed a clear change and told me about in the past few months. “

L’oréal. France

Lucile creates a magical space where you feel immediate secure and accepted. She guided me to become aware of what I was unconscious about and to develop my own truth, to face my fears while moving forward. I am very grateful for all that.

Nil Agacdiken
Coach, Belgique

At a time when I question myself and my weaknesses, I find answers that make sense. A time when one doesn't feel alone with their doubts and wonderings. Every time we meet, I come out with the feeling that I understand and know myself better. I feel stronger and with moving forward with a clearer direction. Thank you!

Sonia Pirès
HEPAD Director, France

I met Lucile during a training and felt that I wanted to go deeper with one-on-one sessions. Our sessions took place over several months, which allowed me to progress on my personal journey and to learn techniques that I use daily, like the zero-point for example.
Lucile is a genuinely beautiful person who helped me go through many obstacles with more kindness.
I highly recommend her. 

Delphine Drouin
Director of event agency. France

I keep a wonderful memory of our sessions. They helped me discover something fundamental: to look for the solution instead of focusing on the problem and understanding it. It created a bridge between spiritual notions such as the law of attraction and a better understanding of my inner world.
Lucile is an amazing person with a very pragmatic and efficient approach, and a profound belief in every one's ability to change.  

Thomas Lamassone
Osteopath, France