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What a discovery! I am so happy that our paths have crossed, so grateful for what you bring me, so admirative of you and your energy. Your work and your gifts are amazing. Thank you, thanks to Source for having aligned us in working together. Eventhough it is recent, the effects are profound.
From another child of Source who discovers himself and learns so much thanks to you!

Benoît Kounkoud
PSG Handball player, France

L.u.c.i.l.e., her name is a trip invitation : she is a generous Lamp, in order to
Understand with simplicity how your body and your mind are really Connected in one strong “tellos”/aim : Improvement and Inspiration
how to increase its skills in Leadership, how to reach Excellence !
Thanks for all your marvellous advices !
And thanks to You , my Antarctica adventure was a magical success !

Malek Boukerchi
Marathon Runner. France

Lucile, Here is spontaneous summary of our meeting. Lots of heart, energy, punch, professionalism, good listening, sharing, creativity, newfound freedom, vision, all of these elements put together to get to… LOVE. Love of what? Of the self, to make the world a better place. Lucile, our meeting gave me what I need to give my all, to fully assume and reinforce my role as an actor in this world that needs each one of us. I’m thanking you with written words, but I will also thank you through the actions I carry out on a daily basis. My hope is that all will have the chance to share the experience of your “unique” approach. Thank you.

Triple World Boxing Champion from France.

An incredible encounter that changed my life…
I want to thank you for accompanying me during the most difficult time in my athletic career (2016). I ended up qualifying for the Olympic Games in Rio after being off to a pretty bad start.
Thanks to you, I went from dream to reality in just a few months. Thank you Lucile for your never ending investment and energy.

Maria Ribeiro
Pole vaulter.Olympic selection London 2012 - Rio 2016. Gold Medal Champion Portugal 2017 -
6 times Champion for Portugal - Gold Medal Champion France 2011 & 2017 - France Championship
~Medals every year from 2007 to 2017 France