A few months ago I had the chance and the privilege to start to work with Lucile.
My life since then has quite radically changed in a much more positive and healthy
way. She has and is helping me to go through the changes with ease and grace.
Lucile has the amazing talent of being able to see and feel with others in a very deep and loving way.
I felt like she could take my hand and show me the way step by step in places where I thought no one could enter.
I feel like I’m getting more and more in touch with my power, strength and a trust that I didn’t know I could have.
Lucile can act truly in the present and she knows what is going on and what is
needed in every session, I’m so impressed by how precise she is every time .
I have done a couple of decades of work on myself but only since I work with Lucile I have the clarity that I can change my life into a happy one and the progresses are really, really fast !
Thank you Lucile !

Roberta Mosca
Forsythe’s dancer, Italy

The paths we have chosen are not always those that truly suit us best. Lucile helped me to listen and to follow my true desire, and to find the courage I needed to let myself be guided.
Many thanks.

Laurent Chétouane
Choreographer, Germany

“Lucile helps you to use the intelligence you have, and not to put too much focus on what intelligence others might have or have. Whatever it might be she makes you understand that what you have and what you are is enough even if it is no way for you that “that” would be enough. It changes the question form what do i not have, to: what do I want?”

Mikael Marklund
Dancer, Berlin

The work with Lucile is for me a quantic jump into making possible what I thought would never change
It is a deep relief to be able to connect to a source in me that inspire and guide my life. As a dancer I feel closer to my physical intuition and regain lost spaces around me to playfully explore my creativity with higher sensitivity.

During the sessions, I’m learning to let go of control and trust my inner intelligence. The guidance of Lucile is a precious support in the challenging depth of my emotional structure that allowed me to transcend limiting belief I had about myself and the world. As i integrate all the different aspects of myself, pleasant and unpleasant, I feel much more complete, and able to tenderly support who I’m.

It brought back a lot of satisfaction and an exciting feeling of experiencing the now. I rediscovered the power of sharing my presence with an audience but also with family and friends and most of all, with me.

Today, I feel how beautifully simple life can be.
Much gratitude to you, chère Lucile. . 

Matthieu Burner
Dancer, Germany

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I’ve been working with Lucile for a couple of years, and I must say that from my very first session, she has led me to more personal discoveries and breakthroughs than I even knew I had to work through in order to achieve my goals! The real life results have been a rapid and steady growth in my career, which she has directly helped me not only reach but also handle. The sessions always take me to unexpected places, and I always leave feeling better than before- Lucile’s friendly and grounded personality playing a big role in that. I highly recommend her to anyone who want to take their career to the next level, and enjoy the process while doing it.

Géraldine Anello
Directrice musicale, New York, USA

"Impossible is not Lucile"
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Armelle Le Guillerm
Cartoonist. France 

Working with Lucile gives me the possibility to take a big distance and analyze the situation from a further point of view. It has a strong impact on the way projects evolve, and allows to focus and center on the essential. It also gives the possibility to think a different way and discover new solutions.
This totally new way of developing projects enhances my efficiency and helps me to solve potential problems before they actually become problems.
Thank you Lucile for your incredible work and generosity!

Naziha Mestaoui
Artist, One Heart , One Tree creator, Belgium

I met Lucile after reading a news paper. It was like a big intuition, I had to met her. And our work was like my intuition… It Helped me to being focus “on my way”, to develop my art and my work.
Her work is very sensitive, intuitive and right. It helps me to see inside me and around me to being where I have to be, to expand my art.
Thank you Lucile!

Marine de Montille
Singer, actress. France

For Lucile, the Queen of both Worlds!

Frank Giroud
Scénariste, Le Décalogue, France.

I met Lucile 6 years ago but I didn’t really know what she was doing…we were just friends. Last year I finally realized and it was Amazing! After only 3 sessions I was able to overcome mental blocks and push my limits. Thanks Lucile!

Franck Vogel
Photo journalist, France

I realized just how beneficial and productive my meeting with Lucile was when I stopped feeling regretful about not having met her earlier, and I began to accept that thankfully, now, because of our work together, I would have the chance to perceive my life differently, and that I would not reject anything about the choices I had made in the past…

Doriane Gable
Violinist with the Opéra de Paris, France

The work I did with Lucile Paul-Chevance was what I came to call a golden visualization.
Understanding, honoring and rooting my own potential by eliminating the least hint of doubt.
The road is there, you just have to go into it and cross it over.
I found particularly powerful the connectivity work she did between me and my instrument, the hang,
Without knowing why or how, tears welled up in my eyes and a door was opened, I could enter a new
perceptive dimension. a vibrant space, vital.
Thanks Lucile

Javier Murugarre
Hang’s musician. Spain

I wanted my first trip to India to be special
I wanted an inside view of this amazing country and culture and I didn’t feel like being a tourist going from one place to the other and not getting to know the people and the local customs
I’m a professional singer and I got to know about this immersion course on Karnatic music and I immediately applied!
The experience of singing, drumming meeting wonderful musicians and going to see culture events for a few weeks in extraordinary locations was awesome and opened my eyes and my heart to India
I’ve been back 6 times to different places in India and will always remember and cherish this first immersion through music and exchanges with local artists and inhabitants. Thanks, Lucile

Isa Lagarde
Singer France.

Lucile confront me with my deepest fears and obstruction,and by that helped me to free myself from it
and from any kind of obstacal that prevent me to use my 100% potential in live.she is loving and powerfull .

Sigal Zouk
Dancer, Germany

Lucile has the amazing talent of understanding problems without you needing to tell her. She offers you tools which serve you a whole life. To work with Lucile is extremely intense and beautiful. Her work changed my life and gave me hope and power. 

Gökçe Oðultekin
Dancer, Turkey