Metamorphose, the consciousness awakening podcast #61
Our relationship with money for an abundant life.
(Podcast in French)

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Le Poste Général,"Objectif Lune" - February 2020
In this series of interviews with Mr. Vincent Malone, we talk about the work of a coach and some of the tools I use to help my clients reach their goals ... and why it works.
(Podcasts in French)


#1: the Swiss watch

In this first episode, we start by differenciating the types of goals and explore the technique of auto coherence.


#2: the pair of shoes

In this episode we talk about NLP and other tools of coaching that help analysing our value systems.


#3: the saber-toothed tiger

This episode is about the fears of failure and judgement, where they come from and why they affect us.


#4: the return of the tiger

To reach our goals requires some changes, that we are not always ready for. Here we dive into the fear of change.


#5: Bodybuilding

Muscles and atheltic performance are the results of a mind job before the actual physical exercise.


#6: Boxing, Work, Endurance

This episode is about competition, whether in sports, in life or in our professional career.


#7 : Calm down!

A better communication leads to better relationships, and being happier. Non Violent Communication is a way.


#8: Everything has an end.

Even happiness. So we talk about grief and happiness to end our series  Objectve Moon. Thank you Mr. Malone!