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Lucile Paul-Chevance


Lucile’s unique background is shaped by her travels and the people she has met along the way. Her training with actor and director Jean-Laurent Cochet of the Comédie Française helped her to master verbal energy and the strength of intention. Her work with Alfred Tomatis, renowned French ENT doctor, brought her in close touch with sound, memory and psycho-physical balancing techniques. She also has training in NLP and non-violent communication. In 1999, Lucile spent several months in India and has returned regularly ever since. Her training there includes yoga, meditation and breathing techniques. She organizes professional training programs dedicated to the sacred arts, Carnatic music, Kathakali, yoga and ayurvedic medecine. For over fifteen years, Lucile directed the center that she had founded, dedicated to the training of professionals. Afterwards, she continued to work in the field of personal development for another ten years, taking advantage of her passion and expertise as a consultant to work on programs made-to-measure for the needs of her clients.

From Paris to New York, Berlin to Washington D.C., and Mumbai to Mauritius, Lucile has traveled the world in order to learn both ancestral and latest coaching techniques, as well as respond to the requests of her demanding, international and multi-disciplinary clientele. She has worked on project development, communication strategies, and the expansion of artistic and athletic capacities.

Her uniqueness as a coach is that she knows how to guide each individual – regardless of his or her particular skills and field – to the outer reaches of their limitations, breaking down each of their mental and physical blocks along the way. Her work consists in identifying the inner obstacles- often unconscious- of her clients, so that they can surpass them.

From that point on, they not only get closer to their goals in life, but also do so with a sense of full cohesiveness between their outward achievements and their inner self.


Paris, Berlin, New York, Washington, Mumbai, Dubai… Lucile has traveled the world to work with her demanding international and multi-disciplinary clients. Artists, executives, high- and low-profile athletes make up her clientele, all looking for a different approach to coaching. Lucile’s techniques are tied to mindfulness, self-awareness and respect for others. To her, professional success is linked inextricably to personal success: results only mean something if they lead to fulfillment.


“L’enfant de la Source” (Child of the Spring) is Lucile’s first novel, published in French by KERO Editions in 2018. A coming-of-age story, it was pre-selected for the Prix des Libraires (Bookseller’s Prize).

The novel tells the story of Nassim, who at ten years old flees into the desert to escape from the tyrannical foreman working for his family’s business. Throughout his travels, Nassim learns to master his emotions, his fears and his desires. Several years later, he returns home, brimming with newfound self-awareness and knowledge.

L'enfant de la source



Lucile-Paul Chevance’s upcoming novel tells the story of Abida, a mysterious, endearing character already present in “L’enfant de la Source” (Child of the Spring).

Abida believes she has been cursed. Several months after her mother dies in childbirth, her older sister goes blind and her devastated father retreats into silence. Helped by her exceptional and kind yet authoritarian grandmother, Abida will learn to recognize her true value and will embrace her own life fully.

Later on, a loved one dies, and Abida embarks on a path fraught with difficulties, revolts and unexpected lessons that will end up guiding her to acceptance and a deep-seated awareness of who she is.

She will learn that grieving is the most spiritual experience a person can hope to have.


Psychologie Magazine 

By Christilla Pellé-Douël when the book was published.

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